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This guy here makes free requests, you just have to mention this in your journal :D…

Pre Yoshi Island:
- (2 years earlier) Bowser is born
- (1 year earlier) The Wario Brothers are born

Yoshi Island:
- Mario and Luigi are born.
- Kamek tries to kidnap the babies, failing to get Mario and eventually having to relase Luigi after his defeat againist Yoshi
- Mario and Luigi are delivered to their parents, but its revealed that they werent the right ones later.
- Somewhere in Sarasland, Princess Daisy is born.

Yoshi´s new Island:
- Kamek kidnaps the stork and Luigi again
- Bowser time travels to the past to defeat Mario while he is a baby, but fails.
- Mario time travels to help his past self.
- The Stork delivers Baby Mario and Luigi to their real houses.

Yoshi Island DS:
- Bowser timetravels and fails again.
- Peach, Link, Olimar and DK are born.
- Yoshi is born.

Yoshi Story:
-Yoshi and other baby yoshies team up to save the tree from Baby Bowser.

Mario & Luigi Partners in time (past):
- Shroobs invade the mushroom kingdom.
- Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach for the first time.
- Mario and Luigi defeat them with the help of their future selves.

Between games:
- Mario parents escape from New York to avoid the wrath of the koopa king.
- Morton Koopa Sr., Bowser´s father, dies, Wart is ascended to the throne, Bowser, jealous of his brother, uses a potion with the help of Kamek to turn him into a frog.


Donkey Kong Circus:
-Mario´s father, known as Jumpman, mistreats Cranky Kong forcing him to do tricks for his circus.

Donkey Kong 3:
- Cranky Kong escapes form the circus to reunite with his son, ending up in a greenhouse, hiding there to avoid Jumpman.
- Stanley, Mario´s cousin and Jumpman´s nephew, starts working at a greenhouse, but its invaded by Cranky, so he tries to get him out. Cranky ends up leaving the greenhouse.

Donkey Kong:
- Cranky, knowing that his hideouts were probably about to be revealed, decides to take actions againist jumpman, kidnapping his wife, known as Lady.
- Jumpman rescues Lady from the clutches of the ape.
- Jumpman puts Cranky back to his cage.

Donkey Kong Jr.:
- Donkey Kong, the son of Cranky, rescues him back from Jumpman, accidentaly killing him in the process.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math:
- Cranky teaches math to his children, Donkey and Swanky.
- Toad is born somewhere here.

Yoshi Topsy Turvy:
- Bowser grows up as an adult and invades Yoshi Island for first time, this was before Mario brothers arrived to the Mushroom Kingdom.
- The Yoshis manage to defeat Bowser.

Tetris Attack:
- Bowser tries to hypnotize some of Yoshi friends to help him on the takeover this time.
- Yoshi undoes the hypnosis with his tetris skills, defeating Bowser once again.

Mario Cement Factory:
- Mario gets a job as a constructon worker.

Wrecking Crew:
- Foreman Spike tries to defeat Mario, but he is defeated.

Mario Bombs Away:
- Foreman Spike tries to kill Mario for making him lose his job, but Mario avoids the bombs. Spike is sent to jail shortly afterwards.

Donkey Kong 94:
- Mario dates Pauline.
- DK remembering Mario (and confusing him with Jumpman) kidnaps his girlfriend just like his father did with Mario´s one. This time with the aid of his nephew, Diddy Kong.
- Mario defeats DK and Diddy, and gets in good terms with the kongs.

Punch Out:
- While searching for job, Mario had to become a referee in WVBA.

- He also became a tennis referee.

Famicom Prix I:
- Mario competes in Kart racing for the first time.

Famicom Prix II:
- Luigi decides to join Mario.

Super Mario Super Show live action segments:
- These show the life of Mario and Luigi back when they were ordinary plumbers.
- Somewhere near here, Pauline breaks up with Mario.

Mario Bros. and Mario Bros. Special:
- Mario and Luigi, now adults, are on plumbing bussiness when they find out about creatures coming out from the pipes.

Punch Mall Mario Bros.:
- After tracking them and finding more ways to defeat them, they find out a new world.


Super Mario Bros.:
- Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser.
- Mario and Luigi venture through different worlds to rescue her.
- Peach is saved.

Super Mario Land:
- Peach gives a land to Mario in reward for his heroic actions, but then she tells him that her cousin and best friend, Daisy, was kidnapped by an alien named Tatanga. Mario decides to go there and fight him.
- Mario defeats Tatanga for the first time, but someone managed to hide in Mario Land while he was absent.

Super Mario Land 2:
- Wario takes over Mario Land, being revealed that he was the one who hired Tatanga.
- Mario goes there and defeats Wario, retriving his land.

Gameboy comics:
- A man from the real world manages to get a game of Super Mario Land and relased Tatanga.
- Mario decides to save Daisy from Tatanga many times again, he also hired the man to help him.
- Tatanga is defeated.
- Mario retrives Daisy back to the mushroom World, then Daisy waves as Mario returns to the mushroom kingdom.
- Mario learns more about the warp zones from the mushroom kingdom to the real world.

Super Mario Land 3/Wario Land:
- Wario tries to get back his riches after Mario defeated him.
- He steals Princess Peach statue from Captain Syrup.
- Wario finds Captain Syrup, but she summons a genie to fight him. Wario defeats him and he is conceded a wish, he decides to get a castle.

Wario World:
- The Black Jewel, one of the many riches Wario collected in Wario´s world, curses Wario´s castle.
- Wario defeats the Black Jewel, recovering back his belonging.

Wario Land 2:
- Wario, finally getting his castle back, takes a nap, but then Captain Syrup steals his treasure once again.
- Wario goes towards Syrup´s place to get his treasure back.
- Wario gets his treasure back and Syrup is defeated once again.
- Wario raids the rest of Syrup´s treasure while she is off.
- Syrup sends one of her henchmen to track Wario.

Wario Land Shake it:
- Its revealed that while Wario was raiding Syrup´s treasure, she was finding one even bigger, inside a world called the Shake Kingdom, which was imprisioned by the Shake King.
- Syrup´s henchman drops a present, which is a portal to that kingdom.
- Wario saves the kingdom with the help of a being called Merfle.
- Syrup ends up stealing the treasure.

Super Mario Bros. The Lost levels:
- Bowser tries to get revenge at Mario after his last defeat, challengling him again, but placing harder enemies like red piranha plants and hiding poison mushrooms on blocks. This time faking his defeat on World 8, and hiding 5 secret worlds more.

Mario Clash:
Mario decides to clean the pipes of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Bros. 2:
- Bowser decided to rest for a bit after the last incident.
- Wart hearing about his brother´s defeat, teleported Mario and his friends to Subcon.
- Mario defeats Wart, with the help of Luigi, Peach and Toad, and saves the subcon king, then he woke up...was it all a dream?

Super Mario Bros. Special:
- Bowser gets revenge by changing the places, getting ride of shortcuts and placing new enemies. Also, revealing the truth to Mario, that he turned some mushroomers into bricks.

BS Super Mario USA:
- Wart attacks once again in subcon, but is defeated by Mario and Co.

Super Mario Super Show.
- Many adventures happen here, while Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad try to find a way to undo Bowser´s curse and defeat him once for all. Also, Mouser and Tryclyde move to Bowser´s army after Wart´s defeat.

Some Nintendo Comic System (Piranha Round Sue, Mutinity on Fungi, Kitchen Kraziness, Cloud Burst, Its Always Fine Weather)
- This happened sometime after the cartoon, but before Mario found some powers from the koopalings first attack.

Super Mario Bros 3.
- The Koopalings attack for first time at Mario.
- Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach again.
- Mario travels across the lands and defeats Bowser.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 and other nintendo comic system issues.
- More adventures happen, mostly focused around different suits, or Koopalings attacking Mario.

Dr. Mario:
- Dr. Waldo Bloom calls Mario to help him on the hospital.
- Mario learns about the viruses and medicine in the mushroom kingdom.
- Dr. Waldo Bloom retires to play golf, while Mario and Peach end up with the hospital.

Super Mario World/Super Mario World the animated series/Wario Woods.:
- After the adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi take vacations in Dinosaur Land.
- Bowser kidnaps Peach while Mario and Luigi arent looking.
- Mario and Luigi meet Yoshi.
- Mario and Luigi travel across and defeat Bowser once again.
- Mario and his friends find about ancient civilizations of cavemen living on the land.
- Bowser tries to turn the cavemen into his minions, failing each one of his plans.
- Wario goes to get revenge on Mario, when he finds out he is not there, he takes over to the mushroom kingdom.
- Toad, a reformed Birdo and Wanda defend the Mushroom Kingdom from Wario and a pidgit named Bill.
- Toad tells Wanda to help Mario, Luigi and Peach in Dinosaur Land, since they might be in trouble.

Mario & Wario:
- Wario decides to take revenge on Mario and his friends while spotting them when he was on his plane, putting various objects on their heads, making them blind, luckily, Luigi and a fairy named Wanda help them.

Yoshi´s Safari/Wario Land 3:
- Bowser invades Jewelry Land.
- Peach sends Mario and Yoshi to a quest to rescue Prince Pine in the Jewelry Kingdom from Bowser.
- Wario flies meanwhile towards his castle after his last defeat, but the gasoline of his airplane runs out.
- Wario finds a toybox and is dragged to it, where he finds that there is a treasure carried by Rudy the Clown.
- Wario defeats Rudy.

Nintendo Adventure Books:
- Many adventures involving the Mario Brothers, the koopalings, Bowser, Peach, Toad and Yoshi happen.

Mario is Missing/Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman/The great videoland war/The end of an era:
- Mother Brain activates a weapon with Wily´s help to open portals and recruit more villains.
- Wario, while walking around, found a warp zone through one of the portals before Mother Brain could recruit him, he found out Bomberman´s world.
- Wario tries to pillage the treasure.
- Bomberman stops him.
- Mother Brain gives Bowser an idea to finish Mario, secretly ongoing with her plans to defeat Team N once for all and conquer videoland, which involved destroying the real world´s Antartida using hair driers. Bowser at first didnt liked the idea, but ended up going with it.
- Mario, Luigi and Yoshi went to the Antartida to defeat Bowser.
- Bowser kidnaps Mario.
- Luigi searches for Bowser and finds him, but it turned to be a normal koopa troopa in disguise, yet at least he manages to rescue Mario.
- The real Bowser kidnaps Zelda and delivers her to Mother Brain.
- A battle between heroes and villains clash.
- The heroes manage to win the battle once Palutena arrived to save everyone. Pit and Megaman befriend Mario.

After the Battle/Mario Golf:
- Peach turns her hair back to its normal state (blonde) instead of the brown hair.
- Mario, Peach, Luigi and Daisy play golf to relax. Luigi ends up dating Daisy.
- Bowser starts teaching his 8th children about Mario and Peach.


Super Mario RPG:
- Smithy breaks the Star Road
- Mario teaming up with Bowser has to repair it.
- Geno, an star spirit, mentions that this is the first the star road is shattered through star pieces.
- Smithy is defeated.
- The Star Road is repaired.

Paper Mario:
- Mario´s first encounter with Goomboss
- Bowser´s first near thing to winning
- Mario meets the Star Spirits for the first time.
- Mario also meets the Yoshi that helped him when he was a baby, now the chief of the island, but they dont recognize each other.
- Bowser is defeated.

New Super Mario Bros. 2:
- Fall is about to start, since there are some super leaves around.
- Koopalings try to attack Mario on their own, but Bowser takes over their plan later.
- Bowser and the Koopalings are defeated.

Wario Land 4:
- Hearing abouth is rival´s new fortune, Wario wanted to find a way to become rich, suddenly, he heard that a pyramid was discovered.
- Wario found the treasures while being followed by a cat (who is Secretly Princess Shokora) and defeated Golden Diva.
- Princess Shokora is rescued and turned back to her human form.

Super Mario 3D Land (Happens while Wario Land 4):
- Super Leaf season officially starts
- Bowser attacks Mario once again, this time without the koopalings, but fails. Ending up in his apparent death.
- Dry Bowser attacks again, but he ends up defeated by the same way again.

Luigi Mansion:
- Peace is restored in the kingdom.
- Luigi wins a new mansion, and races with Mario towards there.
- Mario gets kidnapped by King Boo, an enemy Mario once defeated in Super Mario World back when he was called "The Big Boo". Without Bowser, he had gone rogue.
- E. Gadd introduces himself to Luigi, as they manage to defeat King Boo.

Dr. Luigi/Dr. Mario 64:
- There was a flu in the mushroom kingdom, so Mario decided to take the doctor mantle again.
- Wario tried to steal the Megavitamins.
- Mario chased Wario, but then the vitamins were stolen by Mad Sciensistain, a minion of Rudy the clown.
- Mario and Wario fight againist Rudy´s henchmen, but at the end, its revealed Rudy was in fact, sick.
- Wario takes advantage of the moment to turn into Vampire Wario, but Mario defeats him once again. Still, he forgave him because he helped to return the megavitamins.
- Luigi takes care of the mushroom kingdom hospital while Mario is chasing Wario.

Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS:
- Kamek and the Koopalings, after a long amount of work, manages to revive Bowser.
- Peach decides to reward Mario, Luigi and Wario for taking care of the kingdom´s disease by inviting them to her castle.
- Bowser kidnaps the four of them.
- Yoshi rescues Mario, whom rescues Luigi, whom rescues Wario, and they fight with Bowser and save Peach from him again.

Super Mario Sunshine:
- Mario and Peach go on vacation
- They met Bowser Jr, Bowser´s youngest child, who was invading the land.
- They fight and manage to defeat Bowser once again
- Bowser Jr. promises to go and fight Mario again.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga:
- Cackletta steals Peach´s voice, Mario and Luigi defeat her two times, the second was because she possesed Bowser.

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time:
- Shroobs Attack, but are defeated with the help of Mario, Luigi and their younger selves.

Yoshi´s new Island:
- Bowser time travels to the past to defeat Mario while he is a baby, but fails.
- Mario time travels to help his past self.

Yoshi Island Ds:
- Bowser time travels to defeat younger Mario, but loses.

New Super Mario Bros.:
- Bowser and Bowser Jr. tries to get revenge at Mario after what happened in Delfino Island, but they are defeated again.

New Super Mario Bros. U:
- Bowser decides to ideate a new plan, which ends up in failure like always.

Mario vs Donkey Kong/New Super Luigi U/Wario Master of Disguise:
- Mario starts running a factory of Mini Mario toys at petition of Princess Peach.
- Bowser tries the same plan again to kidnap Peach, but he is defeated, this time, by Luigi.
- Wario gets the treasure from the Cannoli Clan with the help of a wand named Goodstyle, they also defeat Terrormisu.

Super Princess Peach:
- Bowser decides to kidnap Mario and Luigi this time so no one gets in th way to conquer the kingdom.
- Princess Peach, this time, manages to escape, then defeats Bowser´s henchmen and rescues the Mario Bros. by herself.

Wrecking Crew 98:
- Bowser creates a portal between Brooklyn and the Mushroom Kingdom to recruit Mario past foes.
- Mario defeats Foreman Spike and Bowser once again.
- Pauline is accidentaly teleported too.
- Mario finds Pauline, while they too have broken up long ago, they stay as friends.

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2:
- Pauline helps Mario on the mini Mario company.
- DK fells for Pauline once again, and kidnaps Pauline once again.
- Mario defeats him and then both befriend one more time.

Mini´s march again:
- DK tries to get tickets for the mini Mario World, but they get out of stock.
- DK kidnaps Pauline, but its defeated by Mario once again.

Mini land mayhem:
- Mario starts selling mini Paulines, but they get out of stock before DK can get one.
- DK gets angry and kidnaps Pauline.
- After Mario rescues her, DK is given one left mini Pauline.
- DK reforms, this time for good.

Mario and Donkey Kong, Minis on the move:
- The Mini Mario company decides to host an anual mini toy carnival
- Mario leaves the company to Pauline so he can have time to rescue the kingdom.

New Super Mario Bros Wii.:
- Bowser attacks once again to Mario and Luigi, with the help of the Koopalings, Kamek and Bowser Jr., but fails again.
- Peach invites Mario to the Star Festival.

Super Mario Galaxy:
- Mario goes to the star festival, but its invaded by Bowser.
- Bowser collects the power star, Rosalina asks Mario´s help to recover them.
- Mario defeats Bowser.
- Bowser´s power reactor accidentaly blows up the universe.
- Rosalina resets the timeline, making Mario appear before the star festival.


Super Mario Galaxy 2:
- The star festival starts again, but Bowser attacks again with a similar plan than before.
- Mario stops him again.

Paper Mario The Thousand year Door:
- Mario defeats Shadow Queen.
- Peach finds a treasure map.

Super Paper Mario/Captain Toad Treasure Tracker:
- Count Bleck Strikes
- Mario teams up with Bowser again, and defeats him, with the help of Peach and Luigi.
- Toad goes for the treasure Peach told him in Paper Mario the THousand Year Door.

Paper Mario Sticker Star:
- Bowser attemps to kidnap Princess Peach again and loses.

Mario & Luigi Bowser inside Story:
- Fawful gets his revenge.
- Fawful is defeated by Bowser, Mario and Luigi.

Mario & Luigi Dream Team:
-Antasma attacks, he claims being from the dream world and teams with Bowser.
- Bowser betrays Antasma, but has an idea about the Dream world and the sprixies.
- Mario and Luigi defeat Bowser

Wario Ware Inc. series:
- Wario leaves his castle to Waluigi and moves to Diamond city.
- Wario sees a report about a videogame gaining money, and decides to create his own company.
- Wario hires people, they have many adventures in thier lifes while creating videogames.
- Despite Wario now having a company, he goes treasure hunting from time to time.

Luigi Mansion Dark Moon:
- King Boo strikes back, but is defeated.
- Luigi Overcomes his fears for ghosts.

Super Mario 3D World:
- Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad defeat Bowser, and team up with Rosalina once again.

Super Smash Bros Brawl, subspace emissary army:
- Mario is called to be part of a tournament. He ends on the finals along with Kirby, but Petey Piranha crashes the party.
- Another adventure beings, this time, the villain behind everything being Tabuu.
- Second Videoland War starts
- Tabuu is defeated, multiverse is restored.
This guy here makes free requests, you just have to mention this in your journal :D…


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